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Dr. Symonett’s Oxygen Drops Plus; may be just what you need.

It helps your body increase the supply of oxygen at the cellular level by aiding in the conversion and supply of oxygen from water that is inside and outside of the cells.

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Dr. Symonett’s Oxygen Drops Plus has no known side effects, is nontoxic, and can be taken by adults and children.

Boost Immunity, Enhance Cognitive Function, and Improve Physical Performance!

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What is Oxygen Drops Plus?

Dr. Symonett’s Oxygen Drops Plus … Is a dietary supplement, not a medication, that Supplies your body with dietary elements that aids in the conversion of water to oxygen, a full spectrum of minerals, amino acids, and enzymes including Aloe Vera concentrated 200 to one.

The enzymes lowers the fibrinogen level in your blood so oxygen, nutrients, antibodies, anti-inflammatory processes can easily and quickly take place detoxification of the entire body is also carried out.

The result is a healthier you, increased energy, rejuvenation of every organ including your skin and eyesight, your body can now repair, restore and defend itself.

The result will be a long and healthy life full of energy as experienced by all who have consumed this product. Many scientists agree that most diseases and infections are caused by oxygen starvation at the cellular level.

Dr. Symonett’s Oxygen Drops Plus; increases the effectiveness of vitamins and nutrients in your body. God created our body with the capacity to maintain good health, protect itself from any internal or external harm, defend itself, repair itself and maintain youth.

Due to the lack of oxygen in the air today and missing nutrients in the food we eat, the body is overwhelmed with numerous cancers and diseases

It is believed that centuries ago the oxygen concentration in the air was up to 49% today in the best and cleanest places its about 19% and in some places only 9%. We breathe air thinking that we are getting the right amount of oxygen that our body needs but the truth is; we are not getting enough oxygen and this is the main cause why our cells cannot do what they were created to do instead they succumb to poor health.

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How to Use Dr. Symonett's Oxygen Drops Plus

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Main Ingredients in Dr. Symonett's Oxygen Drops Plus

OXYGENATING BLEND: ASCORBIC ACID AND GLUTAMIC ACID, RICE VINEGAR AND HYDROGEN SULFIDE; These are believed to be the ones responsible for the conversion of water to oxygen at the cellular level.



Enjoy a Wide Range of Benefits by using Oxygen Drops Plus

Improve Heart Health

By increasing oxygenation to the body, Oxygen Drops Plus can help improve overall cardiovascular Health

Increase Stamina

Oxygen Drops Plus can help improve endurance and reduce fatigue, allowing for better physical performance .

Improved Breathing

Oxygen drops Plus can help improve lung function and alleviate symptoms of respiratory problems.

Reduce Aging Effects

Oxygen drops Plus can help reduce oxidative stress on the body, which can lead to premature aging and disease.

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