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Dr. Symonett’s Oxygen Drops Plus may be just what you need, It helps your body increase the supply of oxygen at the cellular level by aiding in the conversion and supply of oxygen from water that is inside and outside of the cells.

Our Oxygen Drops have no known side effects, are nontoxic and can be taken by adults and children, you can take our drops in  a glass of water or you can apply it directly to your skin or nails.

Sometimes facts are hard to believe, Here are some actual patients that have been prescribed Dr. Symonett’s Oxygen Drops telling their stories af healing and pain relief.

Evelyn Uncle Video Image
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Evelyn's Uncle Had Prostate Cancer

Evelyn a long time friend of Dr. Symonett had an uncle with Prostrate Cancer that had spread to his bones, Oxygen Drops Plus three times a day helped him live many years pain free.

Car Tire Runs Over Patients Leg
Play Video about Car Tire Runs Over Patients Leg

Car Tire Runs Over Patients Leg

Dr. Symonett discusses what happened to his patient’s leg after 2 days of using Oxygen Drops Plus

Human Torch Video Image
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Hand Turned Into a Human Torch

This patient’s hand was badly burnt while he was working on his carburetor. See this amazing video about the healing capabilities of Oxygen Drops Plus.

Alan Reyez Video Image
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Allan Reyes Applied Oxygen Drops Plus to help clear up eye irritation.

Allan works cutting down trees. He had wood in his eye, Dr. Symonett cleansed his eye with Oxygen Drops Plus.

Detached Retina Video Image
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Patient had Detached Retina, Cataracts and Diabetes

This patient suffered from a Detached Retina, Cataracts and Diabetes, but her suffering was eased with the use of Oxygen Drops Plus.

Play Video about Pain Free and Sleeps Better

Brenda is Pain Free and Sleeps Better

Brenda is Pain Free and Sleeps Better with the use of Dr. Symonett’s Oxygen Drops Plus.

Heart Disease Video Image
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Lady With Diabetes And A Bad Heart

This patient had diabetes and heart disease. After heart surgery in 2015 she was not getting better, she started taking Oxygen Drops Plus, its now 2022 and she is doing fine.

Knee and Joint Pain
Play Video about Knee and Joint Pain

Mr. Jones had Knee and Joint Pain

Eric suffered from knee and joint pain. Dr. Symonett prescribed Oxygen Drops Plus to Eric and after 1 1/2 months his knee pain is gone. In his own words “It’s the best thing ever!”.

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